Tucows Statement on ICANN Legal Action

…the risks and consequences of continuing to collect, process and display unnecessary data. We look forward to, and welcome the clarity that will come from this legal action. 1https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2018-05-25-en 2https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2018-05-17-en… Continue Reading

Domain Pricing

…(1) 69.00 € (0) .ru 39.00 € (1) 48.00 € (1) 39.00 € (1) 39.00 € (0) .ru.com 39.00 € (1) 39.00 € (1) 39.00 € (1) 0.00 € (0)… Continue Reading


If it can be registered, we can register it. Through EPAG you are connected to all international and generic domains on the market – we’re the experts in our field…. Continue Reading

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…(ccTLDs) • International domains (ccTLDs) • New gTLDs • Trustee Service • SSL Products • External plugins • TMCH Planned domain holdings at EPAG – please select – • 100… Continue Reading

What We Offer

Domains At EPAG you can register domains under more than 900 endings! Through a web portal and API, we offer everything from exotic international domains to brand-new generics. Browse the… Continue Reading

Degrading SHA-1 Certificates

International cryptography researchers recently warned of a significantly increased risk in using SHA-1 certificates and recommend migration to SHA-256 certificates as soon as possible. Some major browsers have already started,… Continue Reading

Careers at Tucows

…that never gets boring An international team with colleagues all over the world Regular team events Access to a job ticket for public transit We look forward to meeting you!… Continue Reading