As a Reseller, how do I know if my website meets ICANN requirements?

ICANN has a series of requirements for Registrars, ranging from data escrow obligations to handling certain domain transactions, such as transfers and ownership changes. As an ICANN Accredited Registrar, EPAG handles these requirements on your behalf so you can get straight to the business of selling domains.

However, there are a few requirements that ICANN has specifically extended to Resellers, such as specific requirements for a Reseller’s website. In order to help you navigate past the technical language of the ICANN contracts, we’ve summarized these requirements for you.

To see if your website is already meeting ICANN’s requirements for resellers, use the checklist below!

  • Display renewal and restore fees on your website. For all gTLDs that you offer, you need to display the renewal and restore fees on your website. You must also include a link to these fees in your registration agreement with registrants. If you do not provide services through a website, then these fees must be included in the registration agreement. As an example, EPAG displays renewal fees here and restore fees here.
  • Describe the expiration and renewal reminder emails. On your website, you must describe the expiration and renewal reminders sent to registrants of gTLD domains. For the renewal and expiration reminders that EPAG sends, you can find a description of the notifications here under the heading “Domain expiration and renewal”. We have also created a PDF detailing these notifications, available to download here.
  • Display links to registrant educational material. ICANN requires that Resellers publish links to ICANN educational materials on their website. Specifically, you must provide a link to the ICANN Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities page as well as ICANN’s Registrant Educational Materials. You can find the links to these pages below:
  • Do not display the ICANN logo. If your company is not an ICANN Accredited Registrar, you may not display the ICANN logo on your website.
  • Provide an option to identify the ICANN Accredited Registrar. ICANN requires that resellers provide customers with the ability to identify the ICANN Accredited Registrar that manages a gTLD domain. To fulfill this requirement, we recommend that resellers simply publish a link to the Internic Whois service on their website:

If you go through this checklist, and still have questions, just send us an email at and let our experts provide a helping hand!