If it can be registered, we can register it.

Through EPAG you are connected to all international and generic domains on the market – we’re the experts in our field. Our experienced support team knows the ins and outs of managing international top-level domains and our platform provides automated access to hundreds of domain registries.

What comes with a domain:

Experienced Reseller Support

Our German and English language staff has your back. For both simple and complicated requests, you can count on us to think on our feet and find a solution that works for you!

DNS Services

Our DNS is available free of charge for all domains under our management. All changes can be managed quickly and easily through our web portal or DNS API.

Trustee Service

A local contact is required for a number of top-level domains. With our competetively priced Trustee Service, you can register these domains without having a local presence in the respective country.

Name Suggestion

Take advantage of the wide range to top-level domains we offer! EPAG partners with DomainsBot to provide a flexible, scalable availability search and domain suggestion tool.

Domain Backorder

Every day thousands of domains are deleted, many of which are desirable for re-registration. With our high-performance service, you can be the first in line the moment a domain becomes available for registration.

Web Portal and API

Choose between a webportal or API; each allows you to manage your domains, DNS, and SSL Certificates in one simple and reliable environment.

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