Domain Pricing

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Terms and Conditions

…Basic Conditions and Conditions for Registration 3.1 The rules and regulations laid down by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), visible on, and by the respective… Continue Reading

What does data privacy mean to you?

…by implementing technical and organizational security measures Use strong and unique passwords, especially for services that hold customer information, sensitive personal data, or financial information oin a privacy-focused organization like… Continue Reading

Our new website is online!

…for a change: a new company logo, a new website! Over the last months we have reworked our website; not just the look but also the content. Under you… Continue Reading

Introduction to the GDPR

…privacy by design, data privacy by default How many times have you bought a concert ticket online or RSVP’d to an event, only to find your inbox unexpectedly filling up… Continue Reading

As a Reseller, how do I know if my website meets ICANN requirements?

…page as well as ICANN’s Registrant Educational Materials. You can find the links to these pages below: Registrant Educational Materials: Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities: Do not display the ICANN… Continue Reading

Cookie Policy

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General Information .UK

Country: United Kingdom Top Level Domain: .uk Available TLDs: .uk,,,,,, Whois Server: Registration Policy: Additional Notes: Transfers: The former registrar has to… Continue Reading

Tucows Statement on ICANN Legal Action

…and consequences of continuing to collect, process and display unnecessary data. We look forward to, and welcome the clarity that will come from this legal action. 1 2… Continue Reading