New Feature: DNSSEC in Control Panel

Since March 2, you can create and manage DNSSEC records in the control panel! Now DNSSEC records can be added to a domain during registration, update, transfer, or ownership change orders both via the EPNIC API and the Control Panel. Creating and managing DNSSEC records is free of charge.

epag_icons-28You can see whether DNSSEC is supported for a TLD in the Control Panel under Support => Domain rules and requirements. If DNSSEC is supported, you will find the appropriate key format (either dsData or keyData) listed under the column “DNSSEC support.”

The updated API documentation, as well as an additional informational page, can be found on our Documentation page or in the Control Panel:

Product API
Informational Page: Information on DNSSEC

DNSSEC is supported both in the Production and Test environments. Please note that, even when testing, the syntax of DNSSEC data must be correct as this is often checked at the registry. For some registries, such as .de, DNSSEC records must not only be syntactically correct be also be configured in the DNS zone.

DNSSEC is not supported when EPAG nameservers ( and are used.