Trustee Service

Each Top-Level Domain (TLD) sets its own requirements for registration. While many TLDs can be registered by any person or organization, some TLDs require that one of the domain contacts has a local residence or place of business in a particular region or country.


Our Trustee Service provides you that local contact at wholesale pricing for over 40 TLDs.

How can I activate Trustee Service?

  • You can active Trustee Service at any time during the domain’s life-cycle.
  • Trustee Service can be activated for one or more domains via your Customer Portal or our API.
  • When activating Trustee Service, the General Terms and Conditions for Local Presence Services become part of the domain registration agreement.
  • Once the Trustee Service is activated, our local trustee will be registered as owner and/or administrative contact at the respective registry instead of the actual domain owner or administrative contact.

Domain Backorder

Every day, appealing domains are deleted and become available for registration. You may not be the only one looking to register a particular domain. In this case, milliseconds may determine who registers the domain first.


EPAG’s Backorder service places you at the front of the line so you can:

  • View domains that will soon be available and their corresponding pricing.
  • Filter results according to Top-Level Domain, character length, domain rating, or expiration date.
  • Manage new and existing Backorders requests.

Often, several customers submit Backorder requests for particularly attractive domains. If the registration of one of these domains is successful, domain will be allocated by auction. All bidders will receive an invitation to a private auction. The highest bidder is awarded the domain and pays the auction fee directly to the operator of the auction,